The King and Queen Sheriff's Office has two SROs; Deputy Sciscente and Deputy Radden. The School Resource Officer is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for all students and staff at the educational facilities here in King and Queen County.

Deputy A.M. Sciscente is the School Resource Officer for Lawson-Marriott Elementary School and King and Queen Elementary School. Deputy Sciscente joined the King & Queen County Sheriff's Office in 2019 as a part-time Animal Control/Court Security deputy. Deputy Sciscente then became a Full-time Patrol Deputy and now has taken the position of SRO. 

Deputy B.M. Radden is the School Resource Officer for Central High School. Deputy Radden joined the King and Queen County Sheriff's Office in 2020 as a Full-time Patrol Deputy. Deputy Radden has 14 years experience in Law Enforcement. In January of 2021, Deputy Radden took the position of SRO. 

Email Deputy Sciscente or Deputy Radden at:

Deputy A.M. Sciscente
Deputy B.M. Radden

Alpha Shift Deputies: 

Deputy J.L. Mills -

Deputy B.K. Wright -

​Deputy V.I. Rowe -


​​​The uniform patrol division is responsible for 24 hour coverage of the county. They are responsible for enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of King and Queen.

Their work involves answering calls for service, patrolling the county to deter and detect crime and to enforce traffic laws. Duties also include arrest of violators, the service of warrants, and other civil processes issued by the courts. Paramount to this is the protection of life, property, and the rights of all citizens and visitors.


​​Sergeant J.D. Simmons


Sergeant J.D. Simmons has been in Law Enforcement for 16 years. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran of Desert Storm. He served a total of 11 years in the military between his Navy service and the Army National Guard MP Company. He worked for Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary force for 2 years before being hired by the Town Of West Point as a Patrol Officer and eventually becoming the School Resource Officer (SRO) and D.A.R.E Officer. In 2006 Deputy Simmons joined the King and Queen Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy. He also spent 2 years in Central High School as the SRO and has been the D.A.R.E Officer for King and Queen County for 7 years.

Sergeant Simmons specialized training includes: FBI Crisis Negotiator, Investigation Interrogation Techniques, Gang Awareness, Bike Patrol, Elementary, High School, and Parent D.A.R.E Instructor, Class Action instructor, General Instructor, and Detection of Deception Critical Interviewing Elicitation.

Sergeant Simmons is currently working on becoming a Crime Prevention Specialist. He is currently certified to conduct day care, school, business and home safety and security surveys. Sgt. Simmons can also educate citizens in starting a neighborhood watch program and get the program up and running. He can also assist with church safety and security watch programs, all of these programs are designed around the CPTED (Community Policing Through Environmental Design) standard. 

Sgt. Simmons is also attending online classes through Liberty University to obtain his Bachelor’s degree.


​​  King and Queen County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff John R. Charboneau​ 

Delta Shift Deputies:
Deputy J.D. Shipman -
Deputy B.S. Burr-
Deputy D.S. Custalow -

Deputy R.N. Cox

Sergeant H.E. Schefflien has been with the King & Queen County Sheriff's Office since 2010. Sergeant Schefflien has filled many positions at the Sheriff's Office such as Dispatcher, Court Security, Patrol Deputy, Investigator, K9 Handler, and Sergeant. 


Sergeant H.E. Schefflien

The King and Queen County Sheriff's Office Court Security are responsible for all security aspects of the courthouse, including ensuring that the judges and judicial staff, court employees and general public visiting the courthouse are safe. They are also responsible for transporation  and inmate supervision.   

Sergeant D.S. Shackleford -
​Deputy C.A. Jorgensen -
​Deputy D.C. Trent -
Deputy M.C. Burton -


242 Allen's Circle
P.O. Box 38
​ King and Queen Courthouse, VA 23085
 Phone: (804) 785-7400
​   Fax: (804) 785-5489
​  All Emergencies Dial: 9-1-1