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P.O. Box 38
​ King and Queen Courthouse, VA 23085
 Phone: (804) 785-7400
​   Fax: (804) 785-5489
​  All Emergencies Dial: 9-1-1

​​​ King and Queen County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff William R. Balderson

Sheriff William R. Balderson, “Rob”, is a native of Essex County, Virginia.  He is a graduate of Essex High School.  He earned an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, Virginia and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Sheriff Balderson began his career in Law Enforcement in 1997 with the Department of Corrections where he served in several positions within the security section. In 1999, Sheriff Balderson started his career with the King and Queen County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff E.C. Walton. During his career with King and Queen County Sheriff’s Office, he has served in several positions which include Patrol, School Resource Officer, DARE Officer, General Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Drug Investigations, and Lieutenant.  In 2010, after Sheriff Charboneau was elected, Sheriff Balderson was promoted to the position of Chief Deputy where he served until his appointment at the retirement of Sheriff Charboneau on December 31, 2022. On January 1, 2023, Balderson was appointed Sheriff.

As Sheriff his responsible for the daily operations of the King and Queen Sheriff’s Office. He also participates in all strategic planning and responses to incidents within the county. His department is made up of patrol, investigations, court security, transportation civil process, animal control, and emergency dispatch.  He continues to implement administrative planning of the department’s budget, policies and procedures, and future departmental projects.  His goal is to lead the department to be fully accredited, increase community engagement, and to expand law enforcement coverage throughout the county.

During Balderson’s law enforcement career he has become a general instructor through the Department of Criminal Justice Services.  He is an instructor through ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) in Active Shooter Level I and II, Erase (Exterior response to active shooter events), and CRASE (civilian response to active shooter events). He is also an instructor from ASP in expandable baton and handcuffing.  He is an instructor in Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing and Response to Suicide Bombing from the Department of Homeland Security and the New Mexico Tech University where he participated in explosive practicals in the university’s explosive lab in the mountains of New Mexico.  He is a member of the Virginia Forensic Science Academy Alumni. He graduated from the prestigious Virginia Forensic Science Academy hosted by the Virginia Department of Forensic Science in Richmond, Virginia. Sheriff Balderson has attended numerous conferences and training in Leadership, Tactics, Modern Policing, Community Policing, and Legal Issues in law enforcement.

Sheriff Balderson attened a three-week training session put on by the FBI LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association). He is a trilogy award recipient from the FBI LEEDA, an active member and continues to take courses in leadership & employment law. Sheriff Balderson also holds memberships and is an active participant in the Virginia Sheriffs Association, Virginia Sheriffs Institute, Virginia Chiefs of Police, Virginia Forensic Science Alumni, National Sheriffs Association, International Chiefs of Police, FBI-LEEDA, Small & Rural Law Enforcement Association, among other fraternal and community supported organizations.

Sheriff Balderson has launched a new 4 step approach to reducing crime in King and Queen. The P.E.E.R. approach, P – Prevention, E -Education, E-Enforcement, R- Rehabilitation / Reentry. Sheriff Balderson’s passion within law enforcement is stopping the cycle of recidivism.  By introducing programs to the youth, that gives them a better chance of success in life through positive law enforcement relationships. “The cycle must be broken and the relationship with the community must be mutual and respect driven.”

Sheriff Balderson can be contacted at (804) 785-5490 or by clicking on his email link below

    William R. Balderson, Sheriff