242 Allen's Circle
P.O. Box 38
​ King and Queen Courthouse, VA 23085
 Phone: (804) 785-7400
​   Fax: (804) 785-5489
​  All Emergencies Dial: 9-1-1

​​​ King and Queen County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff William R. Balderson

The King and Queen County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the highest level of service possible to the residents, businesses and visitors to the county.  Recognizing this, the department receives all complaints against its personnel without prejudice and will investigate them accordingly.  You may make a complaint either in person, by phone, email or by U.S. mail.  Mailed complaints may be addressed to:

W.R. Balderson, Sheriff
King and Queen County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 38
King and Queen Courthouse, Virginia 23085
Email: wrbalderson@kqso.net

The Sheriff’s Department will not receive complaints via social media. Except through the Commend/Complaint portal of our official website at www.kqso.net.

Once completed, we will acknowledge the complaint within 72 hours. 

​Your complaint will be investigated and you will receive a written resolution within 30 days of your complaint.