​​​ King and Queen County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff William R. Balderson

K9 Tyson

​K-9 Tyson (original name was Art) was born on May 25, 2014 in Czechoslovakia. K9 Tyson came to the King & Queen County Sheriff’s Office from Ventosa K-9 Kennels in North Carolina on July 13, 2015. Tyson has been in service with the King & Queen County Sheriff’s Office for 8 years and continues to be a great asset to the department. Tyson is certified in Article Searches, Narcotics Detection and Tracking. 

 K9 Tess and K9 Tyson were both purchased with 100% donations from the public and maintained with about 95% donations.  Sergeant H.E. Schefflien is the K9 Handler for both K9s. K9 Tyson has been with the department since 2015 and the King and Queen County Sheriff's Office just recently welcomed K9 Tess! 

If you or any organization you know is interested in donating to the K9 fund, please contact Sergeant H.E. Schefflien at the Sheriff's Office. 

242 Allen's Circle
P.O. Box 38
​ King and Queen Courthouse, VA 23085
 Phone: (804) 785-7400
​   Fax: (804) 785-5489
​  All Emergencies Dial: 9-1-1

 K9 Tess

It is with great pride and excitement that the King and Queen County Sheriff's Office introduces the newest member to our K9 Unit, a Dutch Shepard K9 Tess.  K9 Tess (original name was Astrid) was born on May 1, 2020 in Poland.  She is  trained in narcotics detection except for marijuana, tracking and article searches. She was purchased and trained at the same facility K9 Tyson was, Ventosa Kennels in Scotland Neck, N.C.

K9 Unit